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Numbers such as B-2 or are then drawn at random out of a possible 75 in American Bingo, and 90 in British and Australian Bingo until one player completes a 'Bingo' line with five numbers in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row on one of their cards and wins the prize. A Pai Gow poker term referring to players separation of their cards into separate hands of two cards and five cards.

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Active Player A player who is still glossary play. Adding On Freedom to buy glossary chips. Aggregate Limit The overall payout liability during a game by casino. All or Nothing A player will win if he has all the cards. Like in Keno, winner is proclaimed if player glodsary all the numbers or would go empty handed. Ante The minimum amount of bet placed on wager by every player to commence the game.

Arm It gambling a technique to throw dice in such a way to get desired number towards the far end of wall. The player who posses this technique is said to have Golden Arm. It is mostly used in game of craps. Automatic Club A casino who does not require a dealer or operator and is fully automatic.

Baccarat It is a game played with decks with multiple players. It is a game glossary chance rather than chance of skill. Banker It is just another name of dealer when it gambliny to card games. A player or dealer becomes a banker turn by turn. Barred Some gamblers or person are not permit to enter in casinos. Beef Goossary is a situation in which there is a dispute between gamblig player and a dealer. Betting Limits The minimum and the maximum betting limits proclaimed on the table by the casino.

Beard A player who bet for another player to hide its identity. Blind Bet A player glossry makes a bet gambking having a look at his or her cards especially in Poker. Bookie A person who permit bets. Bookmarker Person who accept gllossary. Like Roulette chips do not have value away from table. So, it is mandatory to at least convert the game chips into casino chips or convert chips into cash.

Camouflage Gamblers hide their true behavior or appearance by glossary disguises, appeared to be drunk, or hide any devie to cheat, etc. Capping Put more glossary than the original. Mainly done in roulette. It is a direct cheating and if caught player have to face the consequences. Card Counting It is done in the game of Blackjack by the gamblers so they win every time they play. They know the outcome gambling advance. Carousel It is placed glossary there are slot machines for players to exchange notes with coins to play slots.

Catch A number has been bubbled in the ticket which is proclaimed. Chase Another bet to offset the loss of previous bet. Chip Tray A tray that hold the chips in front of dealer. This term is usually used in European casinos and especially in game of Baccarat and Craps. They tlossary reduce the bet by one unit if they won and do the vice verse if they lose. Deal Card are drawn casino indian wi each player during a time.

Deuce Two in Dice. Die A dice numbered 1 to 6 cubic gamblin shape, gambling glossary. Dime Gamblint One thousand dollar gambking. Double or Nothing A bet that pays the same amount as wagered or nothing. Dog A player considered to be weak and likely to lose. Dog Player A gambler who usually bets on the underdogs.

Drop Bet lost in an hand or round. Edge Upper hand than the competitor. En Prison A bet especially in Roulette where the bet would be poisoned if the player lose the current bet while the wager would be released if the next spin results in a win. Eyes in the Sky Authorities are watching you from everywhere though the cameras. There is nothing you can hide. Face Cards Cards having picture printed on tlossary.

Ace, King, Jack and Queen are the face cards. Ficheur Each player has given different colored chip allotted to him by the dealer. Fish Gambler who lose the money out of others the most. Glossaru Betting A player who bet consistently the same amount on a hand. Flat Top Thee amount of jackpot is fixed. Flop The table games where five cards are dealt like in poker games. The first 3 cards are dealt once. Fourth Street The 2nd round of the seven card stud poker is called 4th street as it players have 4 cards for this round.

George A gambler who tip the dealer. Grease Bribe offered to someone. This gamblkng be either dealer or anyone else. Gamble Risk money by making a bet. Hand The set of cards gamb,ing player hold during glosszry round. This word is used especially in table games. Handicapper A gambler who guess the outcome of a bet. Hard Count Counting of coins referred to hard count. It is done by authorities under high security. High Poker It has high degree than the low poker tables.

In this gamgling high hands win. Hit Used in Blackjack, means receiving another card. Hold your own Breaking even by ameristar archive casino htm info personal remember losing nor winning. Hole Card It is the face down card dealer glosssary in game of blackjack while in other games it glosxary the card each player receives. Hot A gambler who is winning too much either on slots or tables.

House Gambling center often referred as synonym of casino. House Edge The built-in chances of gamblinng of casino over the players. Home advantage The advantage to the player as he is familiar with the game, security and personnel. If Bet It is much like two glossary. Like in the case of En Prison, a player would lose the wager if the second spin result in a loss. Inside Bets In Roulette, wager placed on inside the numbers. That include numbers or combination of numbers.

Chips are placed inside the block completely. Insurance It is tambling bet which is offered by the dealer to the player in Blackjack when his face up card is an ace. It is up to the player whether the player ants to take insurance or not. IPP It means irregular playing patterns.

The bonus offered by the casinos demand players to play some hand or spins to qualify for bonus. Players who are glossary playing regularly to qualify for bonus to risk minimum amount of money. Jackpot Amount of money won by the player after uk casino chips a game.

Jacks or Better Having a card of rank better than jacks. In video poker games the payoff commence if the player has Jacks or Better. Jokers The last two card of a single deck. They are used in certain variants of a game as a wild card. In most games they are not even included. Kicker A high ranking card that does not support Flush or Straight.

LadderMan It is a person in the game of Baccarat who controls the game. There are 2 dealers at the center of the table, barbary coast casino hotel caller away from dealer and Ladderman who controls the game.

Lay the Odds Glossary wager on your favorite. In Roulette, betting on you favorite golssary. It gives information where to place the wager, how much and where to start. Layout means the structure if the game. Load Up The maximum wager can be glossaru. Like in slot machines, the maximum coins it will permit.

A glossary of gambling terms and definitions to help you understand all the definitons and jargon you will see at an online casino. Betting Glossary A-Z. An interactive guide to the jargon and slang of betting - both sides of the pond. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. A. Definitions of casino game and gambling terms organized by game type and activity. The slang and jargon of casinos explained.

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