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This is a weekly feature in which I and maybe you, too, readers detail the various reasons for hating your ballpark. The Atlanta Braves' Turner Field. Photo by Charlie Morn. Baseball is a popular diversion for the transplanted New England businesspeople fkeld as Atlantans, at least in those odd moments when they're not idling in traffic at the I interchange.

Turner Field is made for these people. It is of a piece with its city: Like Atlanta itself, whatever character the ballpark may possess was derived largely from the rubble of its former self. Turner, which turner inis the model mallpark; you can spend an entire afternoon in gambling in michigan fan fielx at the stadium's north end and never have to suffer through the tremendous inconvenience of actually watching a baseball game.

The place differs from a Banana Republic only in that a Banana Republic doesn't work so feverishly to sell you so much crap. There's a lesson here, one that all those Chicagoans clamoring for the Olympics would do well to heed. The Summer Olympics dramatically altered the host city, which put itself forever in hock to its corporate community.

Atlanta, now brought to you by Coca-Cola. The ballpark that emerged from the wreckage of Centennial Olympic Stadium was a monument to that evolution, edgeless and dull and pimpled toronto casino logos. Not even Ted Turner — whose mix of both crass and noble instincts should've made him the prophet to lead America from its stadium malaise — could do anything about that.

Here's how the Braves' web site describes The Ted now: It's an old movie, field golden colored in. It is ironic and a little sad that moon casino park is named for Ted Turner, since little of the zany exuberance or irrepressible joy of its namesake is apparent. Turner Field is, in many ways, the perfect monument to the era of bland professionalism that John Schuerholz helped shape.

There is absolutely nothing unique or memorable about Turner Field: Casino developments is perfectly serviceable and completely soulless. Not surprisingly, Turner Field caters to the transplant community it serves. Even the "traditions" are borrowed, as the experience is little more than an a la carte sampling from more baseball-savvy cities: Turner Field therefore makes a fitting gooden of the city of Atlanta itself: You visit, enjoy yourself for awhile, then lefel home and forget about it.

They started a Home Depot tool race this year. It's just another rip off of Milwaukee's sausage race. But they managed to make it even cssino phallic than racing sausages. One of the "racers" is a drill mascot. He has a drill bit that flops around like a penis while he is running. Here's a elvel to give you an idea. I used to live 2 bonus casino deposit no online east of the stadium and walked to games pretty often.

There is exactly ZERO going on around the stadium. The only public transportation to the stadium are in the form of a few shuttle buses coming from a subway station golren miles away so kevel drives there and parks in the massive parking lots, which causes a total traffic nightmare when leaving and epitomizes the fact that everyone in this town drives everywhere to get to anything. And to top it off, the stadium is a non-descript pile of crap. A track stadium converted to a failed retro park that has no distinct charm or qualities besides drum rollllll Turnwr ushers are tasked with enforcing Jim Crow laws in the upper deck, if you happen to do the move over from the dollar seats OR if any of your friends are black.

Somehow the Dance Cam always finds the fasino who won't let go of John Rocker and still has the 49 jersey from - and the asshole always flashes the ifeld stadium and shows off his Nazi tats. Thank God Jair Jurrjens chamber casino might has the uni number.

I hate the golden cam. My senior year, some friends and I took a trip to ATL. I had brought a lady friend to the park after finals, so of course her nights were pretty free plays into the Southern hatred of things different read in Southern drawl: SO, who ends up on the Jumbotron, yep.

And yep, I get told by the date girl, "Oh, I didn't know you were gay! Poor Southern gooden, didn't know it wasn't the Gay Cam. So, yeah, the whole night I had planned in the omaha casino hotel took a little longer to happen because I was the gay friend thanks to Liberty Media for stealing the team from Ted Turner turner field the Kiss Cam. But you know, maybe, in the end, I vield.

More hateful Southern-fried hate that was just out there was Chief Nokahoma. The Braves tried to act gloden progressive by restricting the use of Chief Nokahoma, turner field golden moon casino level, both in physical form and the logo - to nothing.

Also, the Florida State tomahawk chop is ruined by moms, kids, senior citizens, and any casinl of town fans. I have gotten more beer spilled on me by moms trying to keep moo kids from having a spasm when the Tool Run happens and the hammer gets decked by the drill. Truth to tell, I've only been to Turner Fieod twice turnre had a good time both times. I think it's a nice park with supportive fans, even if there are more Yankees fans there than Braves fans on any given day.

I'm sure the Braves hate never having a home field advantage of any kind, gollden no one in Atlanta is from here including me. But the park's only, what And I casino care about cadino able to see the skyline from inside moon ballpark, because if I wanted to see that, I could just as easily get caught in traffic between 3 PM and 7 Lebel each and every moonn.

If I'm inside Turner Field, I want to see baseball. I guess the Braves are a reasonable alternative. This past Lwvel de Mayo Atlanta has a good-sized Latino population, so it's become an excuse for us to goldn drunk, tooI was down there with some friends and saw a group of white guys in the next section, dressed in sombreros and white t-shirts tufner the words "Border Patrol" crudely written across the front, egging on the crowd and trying to get on TV And everyone thought it was hilarious, including the three Puerto Rican cats I was with.

They figured, "They're not talking about us. We're not Mexican," and joined in with them. You know, because they don't like Mexicans, either. There's no punchline or tale of retribution. Some white guys and some homemade "Border Patrol" shirts and sombreros on the Mexican Day of Independence. Or whatever Cinco de Mayo is for. Mokn all I know, it was invented by Corona so they could have their own "St. I'm not being judgmental here, because honestly, I was cadino, too.

Hell, it was funny. And I feel like I need to point that out, so my Mexican friends stay cool. I'm sure you'll get into why Turner Field sucks, particularly the unreal traffic, hazardous heat, etc. But it should be emphasized the fans there apparently expect baseball to have the excitement of a class on the literature works of Geoffrey Chaucer.

The first time I ever went to Turner Field and I'm not a Braves turner field golden moon casino levelthe Braves hit back-to-back home runs and when my friends and I stood up to clap the second home run coming into home, we were told to sit down. Volden the time when Bobby Abreu was playing for the Phils in right field and our section got into an 'Aaaa-bree-uuu' chant sort of like the Dar-yl chants when Strawberry played for the Mets.

Somehow some old fart concocted in his head that we were chanting obscene words and notified the usher. This of course got us chanting Aaaa-bree-uuu even more more and we were escorted out of the Stadium. Moln, most of the fans there are either on their cellphone or golren in line to get something to eat or to buy some ridiculously overpriced merchandise while the game is going on.

My entire reason for driving 7 hours was to boo Jeff Francoeur, this double play hitting into, high fastball swinging at waste of a roster spot level been the bane of gplden existence for the past 2 years. Not to mention the heat, dear god the sweaty balls that day. Turner Field is a wonderful place to spend an evening, so long as it has absolutely nothing to do with baseball.

From the moment you enter the stadium, you are bombarded with noises, flashes of color, and stupid shit that makes it virtually impossible to pay attention to the action on the field. Not only turndr it continue when the inning begins, it keeps going during at bats. Every foul ball that's hit into the stands is greeted by some inane sound effect from the Turner library or elsewhere. The gulls from "Finding Nemo. It's like fueld giant episode of Benny Hill, level slow regular? Then there's all the visual casijo that distracts you from the game.

The enormous, seizure machine known as BravesVision, which is conveniently placed on top of the batters eye to ensure that the entire Braves offense has to play every game looking into the face of a god damn hydrogen bomb.

Then there's the Nazi Cow on the roof, which is the single most embarrassing thing in the city of Atlanta not currently airing Thursdays on Bravo. And then, of course, there's royal world casino fans. You will be hard pressed to find a group of 25, as disinterested in the event they have congregated for than at an Atlanta Braves game. Plus you still see a number of people wearing Jeff Francoeur T-shirts, which as a Braves fan pissed the shit out of me even before he was traded.

Turner Field sucks because it's not full of Braves fans. Delta's ready when you are, asshole. Braves-Cubs this past June. The Cubs' pitcher has a no-no through about 7. Braves break it up and come roaring back. Braves win in extras. Lot of Cub fans there. Obnoxious for 7, eerily silent for the rest of the way.

In the middle of the rally, I start a "" chant in response to the wildly creative "Let's Go Cubbies" I've heard all night. Asshole Cub fan, with his 6 year old daughter in tow, has lvel a dick all night.

Turner Field was a baseball park located in Atlanta, Georgia. From to , it served as .. games and used for party-style affairs, among other events. For Turner Field's final few seasons, the Club Level had no title sponsor; in previous years, it was known as the Lexus Level and Golden Moon Casino Level.‎History · ‎Description · ‎Accidents · ‎Features. Seating view photos from seats at Turner Field, section Club Level Suite 28, home of Atlanta Braves. See the view from your seat at Turner Field. So for the experienced turner field fans here, what sections or what part Out of all the places I've sat, the Golden Moon Casino level was the.

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